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Re: meta info for images... db?

On Wed, Jul 31, 2002 at 11:05:59AM -0400, Saadiq Rodgers-King wrote:
> The question of going with the db or not seems to be dependent on how
> much information you want to store for your pictures.  It seems most
> people here are content with just a comment.  I've been thinking about
> it and these are the types of things I'd like to store for each image.
> numeric id
> file path
> title
> description
> location
> when taken
> people in image
> when added to gallery
> For that type of thing, a db would certainly be useful. And as Michael
> mentioned, the information would need to be editable from the web.
> Once you have all that info it would be nice to search on it and then
> browse the images by location or people in it.  Once I got over my most
> recent bout of procrastination I was going to work on adding that for my
> personal use.  I figured I'd make an attempt to have it configurable so
> that a db backend is just optional and Apache::Gallery would still be
> what it is without.
> These have just been my thoughts.

Having it be optional is definitelly a requirement, A::G is very
usefull as it is now, making a web interface a requirement would
just make it bloated.

That being said, I too think it would need to be in a db. Just the
thought of the amount of people asking for help when their interface
doesn't work because of permission problems makes me cringe.

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