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Re: Problem: Incline fixed, moving on...

On Mon, 2002-07-29 at 22:59, Michael Legart wrote:
> You can create files called "IMAGE.JPG.comment" with the comments
> in.
> I know this is not optimal... and I'm thinking about a better
> way of handling the comments and other settings.

Hmm.. what about a per-directory .comment (or simply 'comment') with
content like:
 <COMMENT="Some picture I downloaded">
 <DATE="09/06/2002 14:00">
 <AUTHOR="Ola Nordmann <[email protected]>">

This would enable a later feature of search engine.. searching for
images created between ... and ..., by Ola Nordmann, mediatype JPEG.

On a totally other note, what about setting a Reply-to:
[email protected] in the MLM?