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Re: [ApacheGallery] Image URLs

Don Armstrong <[email protected]> writes:

>> What I'd like to suggest is to have the main image url be
>> http://...../foo.html instead of http://...../foo.jpg.  Actually, I
>> don't think there's any reason both can't work.  The handler
>> function would need to assume an order of extentions to try.  Given
>> the url requested is foo.html, look for foo.jpg then foo.png, etc.
> The problem with using foo.jpg.html is that it (basically) looks
> ugly.

Yes, foo.jpg.html does look ugly.  That's why I just suggested

> An alternative method is to consider using something like a
> http://aggallery/_thumbnail/ directory or something to just give you
> the proper thumbnail for the image. This avoids the uglyness of
> foo.jpg.html URLs, and makes what you're doing work.

I'm not sure it does.  How is using _thumbnail different than using

> [If you control the website, it's actually pretty easy to do this in
> an automated fashion, as I do for]

I don't get what I'm looking for.  All your urls are exactly like
mine.  You won't be able to submit to any
forums or allow google indexing of this page.  That AlluviumB.jpg page
is the page I'm proposing the URL for.  I'm not talking about any of
the thumbnails.  It's the image display _page_ I'm talking about.
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