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[ApacheGallery] Image URLs

OK, my gallery is for the photos I take.  I have two goals for
posting.  One is to share photos with friends and family.  The other
goal is to share my work with other photographers to critique (and
praise!).  The main avenue for that is photography forums.

The two forums I use don't allow html markup.  If you put a url in the
message text that is of the form http://...../foo.jpg it's assumed to
be an image.  The forum engine then tries to convert that url into an
<img> tag.  Using an A::G image url in an <img> tag won't work.  The
solution is simple enough.  Use the cache url that looks like this:
http://..../.cache/640x426-foo.jpg.  That works and I've used it.

The problem is when you _also_ want to give a link in a forum to the
image page (so that they can see the full exif or view the image at
other resolutions).  AFAIK, there's no way to put the url to the image
page if the forum assumes .jpg is an image.

What I'd like to suggest is to have the main image url be
http://...../foo.html instead of http://...../foo.jpg.  Actually, I
don't think there's any reason both can't work.  The handler function
would need to assume an order of extentions to try.  Given the url
requested is foo.html, look for foo.jpg then foo.png, etc.

I think I could work up a patch for this in short order but I wanted
to run this buy the rest of the community first.
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