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Re: [ApacheGallery] patch submission format

Don Armstrong <[email protected]> writes:

> If anything, I'd be happy if someone decided to pick a sane set of
> cperl-mode (or it's vi or your favorite editor equivalent) options,
> and then just used that, rather than just munging through the entire
> sourcecode. [That'd help those of us who have largish patches to keep
> everything consistent.]

Yes, if there were a cperl-mode definition embedded in that
had the equiv definitions for what ever other editors allow for that
type of thing I'd be happy.  The point with emacs is that I don't
ever have to worry about what the indentation is.  I just hit <Tab>
and emacs does the right thing.  All that's predicated in having your
indentation style defined properly.  In other words, we need a fairly
specific coding standard.
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