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Re: meta info for images... db?

On Wed, Jul 31, 2002 at 07:14:25PM -0700, Eric Wong wrote:
> I'm still not convinced that a database is particularly necessary
> or desirable.  If you want to have more picture metadata (id, path,
> title, etc.), just add it to the data file.
>     <data>
>         <id>20020731-1234</id>
>         <rotate>90</rotate>
>         <title>Pictures of You</title>
>         <comment>Blah blah blah blah</coment>
>         ...
>     </data>

But do you want the user to create these files themselves? or do you want
a web interface for it? If it's only to replace the current implementation
then I'd say it would be sort of worth it (although it would make A::G
require yet another module). But if you're going to build a webfrontend to
it I'm more against it. We're going to have tons of problems with file
permissions and create permissions. 

> As Saadiq points out, though, it's not particularly searchable.
> For me, one of Apache::Gallery's greatest strengths is its simplicity.
> Since it's completely file-system based (like its inspiration
> Apache::MP3), the 'admin tools' are just the shell utilities.  A web
> front-end to admin functions would be nice, but it opens up a huge can
> of worms (in particular it means Apache::Gallery has to have the concept
> of users and user permissions).  In my opinion, it seems somewhat out
> of scope for Apache::Gallery at this time.
> If anyone still wants to do it, I think the first priorty is to refactor
> so that the handler() is broken up into a bunch of called
> methods instead of a long, monolithic sub.  (Again, like Apache::MP3).
> This would make is easier to sub-class Apache::Gallery and to add
> additional functionality like a real database, users, different templating
> systems, different file formats, etc.

I like that idea, maybe that is what we should focus the development effort

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