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Re: meta info for images... db?

On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Saadiq Rodgers-King wrote:

> numeric id
> file path
> title
> description
> location
> when taken
> people in image
> when added to gallery
> For that type of thing, a db would certainly be useful. And as Michael
> mentioned, the information would need to be editable from the web.

A::G is already using jpeg EXIF information fields (DateTimeOriginal and
Flash, at least), those could be used - but propably not as flexibly as you're

I actually have no idea of perl coding, but I think I just understood
(just wait for few minutes and I'm screaming for help..) how
to add more fields (F-number, Focal length, Shutter speed value etc.
information my digital camera stores on EXIF) to image information field
:) These might be nice to have by default (maybe commented out and
information on readme how to enable them?).

I'm also unable to get .htaccess files working; does A::G disable (by not
using them) their workability? I have some private folders (A::G is just
about perfect software for my needs of handling pictures in gallery - both
public and private), and now Im forced to use IP restrictions in apache
config file to avoid my private pictures viewed by others. I still would
like to allow certain people to access those images, so .htaccess with
password protection would fit my needs perfectly.

One more request :) Option to allow images viewed in original size. Should
not be hard one, rite? :)

Thanks anyway, after getting this baby working, it's been pure pleasure to
keep up & running. Some complainments I heard from people I
recommended this software because of requiring X11 libraries. By myself I
really don't care, my 'server' runs X11 anyway.