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Re: meta info for images... db?

> But do you want the user to create these files themselves? or do you
> want a web interface for it? If it's only to replace the current
> implementation then I'd say it would be sort of worth it (although it
> would make A::G require yet another module). But if you're going to
> build a webfrontend to it I'm more against it. We're going to have tons
> of problems with file permissions and create permissions.

I don't see the problem in having XML files and someone making a php or
perl interface as a sideproject. Apache::Gallery is excellent.. it's
simple, it works, etc.. an xml file with the possibility of more
information like people in picture etc would definately be nice. A
frontend for this, doesn't seem natural for me to be a part of
Apache::Gallery, let someone else make an Apache::Gallery Webadmin util..
combining that into the core Apache::Gallery would make it lose some of
it's appeal to some (potential) users.

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