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[ApacheGallery] Apache::Gallery fork


I have done a fork of Apache::Gallery because I had different purposes.
I would like to know who is the maintainer of Apache Gallery.

Because I have send and email to Michael Legart, to ask him if I can make
a fork of Apache::Gallery, but I didn't receive any anwser :-(

I have call my project XmlAutoIndex and I would like to put GPL Licence.

Do you know who I can contact to make a fork on Apache::Gallery ?

Thank you,

ps: below a small description of my project:

My purpose is to enhance autoindex apache module with separating engine:
 - 1 engine that scan files and only give XML data
 - 1 processor that convert XML into HTML (so it's easy to change theme)

The engine is based on Apache::Gallery and I have rewritten it order to
support "plugins":
 - 1 plugin handling Images,
 - 1 plugin handling Videos (making thumbnails),
 - 1 default plugin that show an icon corresponding to the mime-type.

You can see result on:

You can see XML raw by using this link below and clicking on "view source" on

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