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[ApacheGallery] directory generating slowness

I'm bothered by the amount of time that A::G takes to generate
directory listings.  I've looked briefly at that code.  It seems like
it's doing a lot of fast things in sequence that ends up being overall
slow.  I guess I could break up the page based on the image count in
the hopes that would generate faster.  I don't remember now if the
directory generate code does it's limiting early or late.  Seems like

Keep in mind this isn't a problem with generating all the thumbnails.
Nor is it a bandwidth problem.  I'm running A::G locally on my
powerbook for testing.  Load a large directory.  Immediately reload
the same directory.  There's a noticeable lag of about 15 seconds.
Everything's cached.  That reload should be less than 5 seconds.

I'll look at that code more today.  I'm just posting this because I'm
hoping someone smarter than me can shed some light on what they think
the bottleneck is.  Also, any hints on how to go about profiling this
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