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Re: [ApacheGallery] Image URLs

On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 02:17:23PM -0500, Jeff Simpson wrote:
> doesn't, because google's robots are designed not to look into .jpg files
> (since there's no point in indexing normal .jpg files on content....but

How about appending a .html
I am also in favor of URLs that return HTML not looking like images.
The type /should/ come from the mime-type but I could understand why a
robot looking for text would not follow <a href="*.jpg"> links.

> Maybe make it so that it will make all the links be photoname, rather than
> photoname.jpg/png, etc.

I think the bare photoname link is a slightly different issue. I would
like to tag each of my images with keywords, make a DB of images by
keyword and query for images by keyword, but that is a very different
issue. Something similar to


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