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Re: [ApacheGallery] Apache::Gallery not showing thumbnails nor images nor any errors

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I was kinda busy while LinuxTag so please apologize my late answer.

On Thursday 24 June 2004 07:26, Evgeny Stepanov wrote:
> SR> Options +Indexes
> ^^^^^^^^ This can be the reason - the most possible it is - it is said in
> A::G docs that it can work bad with apache's mod_autoindex, i turn off
> indexing completely at my site. If you really need it, try to remove
> the Indexes options for the location where A::G resides.

(see below)

> SR> in /var/www/gallery-cache/, but no image nor thumb will be displayed.
> i think it is better to put cache to come /tmp dir, where apache
> effective user has full rw rights. i don't think this is the problem,
> but try to check.

On Thursday 24 June 2004 07:46, Evgeny Stepanov wrote:
> shown as SR>> A::G, it shows the thumbs (it seems to route
> http://foo/.cache/image SR>> to /var/www/gallery-cache/image).
> ^^^^^^ and this proves that this is problem with indexes.

I have deactivated mod_autoindex in httpd.conf (and restarted apache) and 
Options +Indexes in relevant directories (and their parents) but still it 
doesn't change anything!/
is an example for what I get as a directory listing.
Those images are linked to
and thus not being displayed.

While in
I changed nothing in my config (e.g. removing "Options +Indexes" 
from .htaccess), but added a .cache directory in
public_html/guckmal/LinuxTag/ and subdirectories (just to make sure actually, 
but the point is, ../25/.cache/ exists). And it's working.
Of course, I could do that all the time now.. but I'm kinda lazy and stuff :)
And besides, it's a dirty workaround :o)

Thanks & Bye,
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