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Re[2]: [ApacheGallery] Apache::Gallery not showing thumbnails nor images nor any errors

SR>> Options +Indexes
ES> ^^^^^^^^ This can be the reason - the most possible it is - it is said in
ES> A::G docs that it can work bad with apache's mod_autoindex, i turn off
ES> indexing completely at my site. If you really need it, try to remove
ES> the Indexes options for the location where A::G resides.
SR>> think I've come very close:
SR>> If I create an (empty) .cache-directory in the directory I want to be shown as
SR>> A::G, it shows the thumbs (it seems to route http://foo/.cache/image
SR>> to /var/www/gallery-cache/image).
^^^^^^ and this proves that this is problem with indexes.
SR>> Where's my problem, can you tell?
ES> i think, your problem is with A::G interfere with apache autoindex.
ES> most likely.
as i said before

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