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Re: [ApacheGallery] Document Contains No Data

Look, I'm not a programmer, I'm not an expert at PERL modules, all I know is that when I changed the syntax from 'X' to 'x' everything started working just fine again, and when I was using 0.6, it didn't matter that it was 'X' instead of 'x'.
Andreas Plesner Jacobsen wrote:
On Sat, Nov 22, 2003 at 07:31:20AM -0500, Tom Utley wrote:

I figured out the problem.

On the line:
       PerlSetVar   GalleryThumbnailSize '150x100'
In your httpd.conf file, the 'x' in '150x100' is now case sensitive (in version 0.7) whereas in version 0.6 you could use 'x' or 'X'.

Uhm, no.

From 0.6:
        my ($thumbnailwidth, $thumbnailheight) = split(/x/, ($r->dir_config('GalleryThumbnailSize') ?  $r->dir_config('GalleryThumbnailSize') : "100x75"));

And as far as I can see, it has been that way since r14.

I have committed a patch, that changes this behaviour, so that x and X
will be acceptable. A::G will also warn if GalleryThumbnailSize is not a
valid setting.

Present Sense
Tom Utley

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