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Re: [ApacheGallery] Patch to replace inline C code with native Perl

On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 09:02:19PM -0800, Jon McClintock wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 09:00:58PM -0800, Jon McClintock wrote:
> > This is a good point. I tried it out just now: on a directory with 117 
> > 1600x1200 images, the load spiked up to 4.25. It only took a couple of
> > minutes to produce the thumbnails for the whole directory, though. And, 
> > the client didn't time out while loading the page (in the current
> > version, the client times out several times while waiting for the HTML
> > to unblock on the resize).
> BTW: This is on a dual PII-300 system. 

I don't think I should try that test on my P90, 32MB :-)

I had created by own ApacheGallery-like mod_perl handler based on
Autoindex which worked well on my system. It created thumbnails and
one reduced size of each image stored in a subdirectory served
directly by the webserver. The reductions were run by the request for
HTML. After uploading new images I would hit the page and wait for a
couple minutes as the server reduced the images. It worked for more
than a year. Then I 'upgraded' to Apache2.

Once ApacheGallery is running on Apache2 I may (need?) to adapt it to
use a similar system to get acceptable performance, depending on the
slowdown of having mod_perl serve the images. Any idea how send_fd
compares to serving a static file? My guess is that I'm memory bound
and it doesn't make much difference.

With a bit of guidance as to where I should look for the functionality 
of Apache::Request in Apache2 I could try porting ApacheGallery myself. 
If someone has got it kinda working I'd be happy to debug and test.

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