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Re: Getting it to work ..

Hey Tom,

On Wed, Jun 19, 2002 at 04:56:00PM -0400, Tom Allen wrote:
> What I was hoping to connect to do was to see what the web server was
> saying to requests.
> Errors must be going somewhere.  Do you have a vhost alias that matches
> higher up in the conf file?  I would check other logs for access/error
> messages, then perhaps try:
> telnet 80
> get / HTTP/1.1
> Host:
I see, The host is at, port 80 .. go right ahead :)

I upgraded apache to 1.3.26 because of the security hole in 1.3.24 found
earlier this week, but this does not change the situation. When I request some
unique string, to be able to look the entry up in the webserver logfiles, it
cannot be found in the logfiles.

Your suggestion of the telnet session is what I tried earlier, but didnt
report, this is the result:

amor# telnet 0  80
Connected to 0.
Escape character is '^]'.
GET / HTTP/1.1

Connection closed by foreign host.

The harddisk rattles a little bit for about a second when doing the request,
after that the connection just gets flunked :/

> After the Host line, you'll have to hit enter twice.
> See what (if anything) you get.
> To find the log that's getting written, you could request a page with your
> browser like and then "grep hortens *"
> in your log directory.

Nothing, as mentioned above :/

> Could check for warnings with apachectl configtest.

amor# apachectl configtest
Warning: DocumentRoot [/net/stuff2/Apps/ebooks] does not exist
Syntax OK

The warning is a result from an NFS server which is temporarily down, but that
has nothing to do with this virtual host, its the documentroot of another
> Would need to know more to give you any more advice, but my bet is you'll
> find out what you need to know when you find what log requests are going
> to.

That's my bet too .. Is there any way I can get status information from the
mod-perl input, to see what in hell its doing ? (im am really not a mod-perl
expert ;)

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