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Re: [ApacheGallery] Support of Nikon's NEF files?

Hi Matthias,

On Sat, Mar 26, 2005 at 04:27:54PM +0100, Matthias Taugwalder wrote:
> I just installed Apache::Gallery for testing purposes...
> One question: Is a support of Nikon's .NEF files planned in one of the
> next releases?

I personally don't think that gallery software should support RAW-files.

RAW-files are there for you to process.  Just using the default settings
stored in the file from the camera doesn't make sense to me.  You might
as well just shoot JPEG, which will result in the same output (for web

RAW-files comes in handy when you want to make small adjustments to
exposure, white-balance etc., or when you want a wider dynamic range.

  Thomas Kjær
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