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[ApacheGallery] tiff images are black

I'm trying out apachegallery .9.1 on my gentoo box and I'm having some
problems with displaying tiff images.  I applied Don's patch (see list
archives) to get them to show up, but now they just show up as black
images.  Example:

The images that show up are just jpg saves of the tiff files.

The error I get in my errorlog is:

TIFFReadDirectory: Warning,
unknown field with tag 34665 (0x8769) encountered.

I understand from google that this is just an informative message.  

The tif files aren't huge, only 15 or 16mb each, and I've had far larger
files work before.  Using some other debug to see if things are working

# perl -MImage::Imlib2 -lwe 'my $img = Image::Imlib2->load("negative_11.tif") or die $!;'
TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, negative_11.tif: unknown field with tag 34665 (0x8769) encountered.
channel bits == 3

It does seem to load the images up.  I had to downgrade imlib2 to 1.1.2
from 1.2.0 to just get to this point (before I was getting the above
command line  dying without outputting anything).  Using the perl library 
Image::Imlib 1.03 on 5.8.5 on apache 1.3.33 on kernel 2.6.10.

TIA for any help.

Alan <[email protected]> -
"Backups are for people who don't pray."                 -- big Mike
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