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Re: [ApacheGallery] directory generating slowness

Nate Smith <[email protected]> writes:

> I'm more of the mindset of having a script generate the thumbs 
> in advance, when you put them in the directory.  There's no reason 
> whatsoever to have A::G do this when someone is requesting a page 
> (that I'm aware of, enlighten me!).

I don't think the bottleneck is generating the thumbs.  In my example,
the thumbs were already generated.  The thumbs are getting cached to
.cache just like the other resizes.  Having the thumbs generated at
the first render time is as good a time as any.  If you knowingly add
more images, just load them in your browser to force generation of the
thumbs.  No big deal.  The point is only the first person to visit has
to pay the price of generating the thumbs.

My complaint was about the length of time needed to actually generate
the directory listing page assuming all the thumbs are already built.
I'm wondering if we couldn't also cache that directory index.html in
.cache.  With each page load of the directory view, check the
timestamp on the .cache/index.html versus the timestamp of the
directory itself.  This would still cause an invalid cached index if
you updated your Gallery options in the global httpd.conf or a
.htaccess file somewhere outside of the particular directory.  

Maybe there's a way to figure out when the last time apache had been
restarted and regenerate the directories index.html with each
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