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[ApacheGallery] No thumbnails on Debian Sarge


Firstly, I have just installed Apache::Gallery and it's amazing - very
fast and easy to use!

I am having a problem with the thumbnails, however.  The program is
creating directories under /var/tmp/ApacheGallery but it is not
inserting any thumbnails into them.  The directory tree it creates is
writable by the web server's user.

In the gallery, it looks like it is trying to get the cached files from
a directory called ``.cache'' from within the album.  I am assuming this
is just faked so that the script doesn't give out any information about
my file system.  In any case, it can't write to the album, and hasn't
complained about this.

I'm running with the Debian Sarge package.  I installed via apt, so I
imagine that the dependencies have been fulfilled.  I did try upgrading
my ImageMagick and ImLib packages, but this made no change.

Thumbnails for non-image files display properly, as do directories and
everything seems to be working fine (apart from this issue).  The
re-sized images also don't display; I presume for the same reason as the

Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated!

bye just now, best regards,

Matthew T. Atkinson <[email protected]>

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