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[ApacheGallery] a couple of fixes for Apache::Gallery 0.9.1

I've came across one bug + have small addition

1) bug
when in "select" mode, there is
a) no way to submit the form with selected pictures, so I've added <input 
type submit>
b) you are trying to de-reference $content variable - something that is 
already a scalar, last line of this part:

        my @selected = $cgi->param('selection');
        my $content = "@selected";
        $r->headers_out->{'Content-Length'} = length(${$content});

2)  added NEXTURL variable for showpicture template, allowing you to have 
"click on big picture for next picture" feature.
to enable that, put <a> around img in showpicture.tpl:
<a href="{ $NEXTURL }"><img src="{ $SRC }"></a>

attached is the patch if you are interested.


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