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Re: [ApacheGallery] Re: CopyrightText using True Type fonts, new snapshot

On Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 05:45:41AM +0000, Aaron McCabe wrote:
> Just installed the r240 release on my machine here, and I LOVE it.  Thanks 
> so much!  The font copyright addition is fantastic, as is being able to 


> * the mp3 icon name that it is expecting is different than the icon name 
> provided in the distribution.  It was expecting sound-mp3.png but 
> application-mp3.png was provided.

This has now been fixed (files renamed)

> * if you change font size or characteristics after having loaded the image 
> once before the image doesn't seem to update.  presumably the cache doesn't 
> update.  Didn't explore much with this, just wiped out the cache instead.

I know. Not really sure how to work around this. For the copyright image I
can check the modified time of that file. But it's not really possible to
check when a specific line in httpd.conf/.htaccess was modified.

> * perhaps an option to scale up the copyright text proportional to the 
> picture if you select a larger image resolution?  could be messy, I 
> suppose...but handy for those 1600 sized pix.

I will look into that. Could be a bit tricky. 

> * perhaps an option to show how large files (like mp3s) are as part of the 
> filename?

The size in bytes already gets shown as tooltip (in the ALT text) of the

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