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[ApacheGallery] Apache::Gallery 0.8 released


Apache::Gallery 0.8 has been released and is available at


and should be on all CPAN mirrors by now.

Changes since 0.7

    * Remember choosen width by setting a cookie (Rene Joergensen)
* Fixed a bug where $EXIFVALUES was left blank if a picture had a comment. (Michael Legart) * Fixed a bug where one line comments was shown as $COMMENT (Jesper Skriver) * Fixed a bug where comments did not get shown when using the variables exif mode (Thomas L. Kjeldsen) * Added two new configuration options GalleryDocFile and GalleryImgFile that makes it possible to configured which filetypes should be displayed. See the documentation for details. (Guillaume Rousse) * Added new option GalleryThumbnailSizeLS. If set to 1, GalleryThumbnailSize is the long and the short side of the thumbnail image instead of the width and height. (Don Armstrong) * Switched to use Text::Template instead of CGI::FastTemplate, see the UPGRADE file for details. (Don Armstrong) * Create copyright notices on pictures using truetype fonts instead of png images. Font, color and size can be configured (Thomas Petersen, Michael Legart)
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