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[ApacheGallery] Re: CopyrightText using True Type fonts, new snapshot

Just installed the r240 release on my machine here, and I LOVE it. Thanks so much! The font copyright addition is fantastic, as is being able to control file extensions and having individualized templates. If you are curious you can poke around my site... rareshare dot dyndns dot org. I use the copyright text (not as a copyright) in the raremedium/pictures folder.
Some thoughts/minor issues while installing it, upgrading from 0.7. maybe
you are already aware of them?
* the mp3 icon name that it is expecting is different than the icon name
provided in the distribution. It was expecting sound-mp3.png but
application-mp3.png was provided.
* if you change font size or characteristics after having loaded the image
once before the image doesn't seem to update. presumably the cache doesn't
update. Didn't explore much with this, just wiped out the cache instead.
* perhaps an option to scale up the copyright text proportional to the
picture if you select a larger image resolution? could be messy, I
suppose...but handy for those 1600 sized pix.
* perhaps an option to show how large files (like mp3s) are as part of the
Anyway, I'm enjoying A::G a lot.
Thanks much,

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