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Re: [ApacheGallery] Rotating and comment on images

On Tue, 30 Dec 2003 23:26:37 +0100, Erik Melkersson wrote
> I wonder if annyone has been doing some work on functions to rotate 
> and comment on the images via the web? I.e. a web user interface to 
> create and modify [imagename].rotate and [imagename].comment files.

I've just started using A::G and that's the one really big thing I find
lacking in this program, so I've started to look at adding it.  I saw on the
mailing list archive that someone else had already looked at it, and done much
of the code, but it never got included in the release version of A::G.  So I
was planning on working off of that.  So you could check the mailing list
archive and see what the other guy wrote (can't remember his name).

> I'm aware that this means that the web server user has to have write 
> privileges in the image directory but my plan is to use two separate 
> processes. One with privileges that use access control as well, and 
> one public.

The way I considered solving this would be to write a .comment/.rotate file in
the cache directories when done from the web, and have A::G use the newer of
the 2 files when is displays the image.  The only issue I can really see is if
the cache directory gets deleted to clean it up or something the users may
lose their comment data, which makes that sound like a bad idea.

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