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[ApacheGallery] Rotating and comment on images


I wonder if annyone has been doing some work on functions to rotate and comment on the images via the web? I.e. a web user interface to create and modify [imagename].rotate and [imagename].comment files.
I'm aware that this means that the web server user has to have write
privileges in the image directory but my plan is to use two separate
processes. One with privileges that use access control as well, and one
I have added some code (below) to my Apache/ in order to make
it able to rotate images.
Preferably I would like to set a "PerlSetVar GalleryRotateMode 1" and
maybe GalleryCommentMode (or some better name) in the httpd.conf to
enable these funktions.
I'm a bit comfused about the SelectionMode (which has to be disabled if
rotate or rotateback is sent) as it doesnt seem to work for me and I
don't se the reason for it, so anyway...
Any comments?

Have a happy new year!
Erik Melkersson

   # Handle rotating selected images
   if ($cgi->param('selection') && ($cgi->param('rotate') ||
                    $cgi->param('rotateback'))) {
       my @selected = $cgi->param('selection');

       # Get directory path
       my $dirname = $r->filename;
       $dirname =~ s/\/$//;

       # Create (or remove) a .rotate-file per image
       foreach my $file (@selected) {
       my $dir = 0;

       if (open (FILE, "$dirname/$file.rotate")) {
           $dir = <FILE>;
           close FILE;

       $dir = ($dir + 1) % 4 if $cgi->param('rotate');
       $dir = ($dir + 3) % 4 if $cgi->param('rotateback');
if ($dir > 0) {
           open (FILE, ">$dirname/$file.rotate");
           print FILE $dir;
           close FILE;
       } else {
           unlink ("$dirname/$file.rotate");


$tpl->assign(FORM_END => $select_mode?'<input type="submit" name="rotateback" value="Rotate back"><input type="submit" name="rotate" value="Rotate"></form>':'');

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