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[ApacheGallery] Document Contains No Data


As it's my first post to this list, let me thank you for having done
a very good picture gallery application!

Like Alex, I tracked down the problem in Image::Info (actually, in a
call to read() in Image::Info::JPEG::my_read).
Though I don't know how to solve this problem cleanly, a way to to fix
it is to remove the thumbnails images usually contained in digital
cameras (HP-735 Photosmart in my case). This is done very easily with
jhead ( 
  jhead -dt my_picture.jpg

Also, I noted a small bug in Apache::Gallery. When there are several
pages of pictures in a folder (with GalleryMaxThumbnailsPerPage), and
when you are viewing a picture in this folder, the "up" navigation link
goes to the first page of the folder and not the last one. I'm using the
new template BTW.

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