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[ApacheGallery] Testers wanted (was: (unofficial) Inline-free version of A::G available for test)

On Fri, Sep 05, 2003 at 02:26:28PM +0200, Andreas Plesner Jacobsen wrote:
> Image::Imlib2-module for perl, I've tried to create a version of A::G
> that uses Image::Imlib2.

Thanks Andreas!

> Unfortunately Image::Imlib2 (0.12) does not currently compile, but this
> patch should remedy it:

It compiled here without that patch. It did not compile with a
threaded perl. Seems to be a general problem though.

I would really like people to try out this snapshot:

The complete list of changes since 0.6 is:

	- Support mod_perl version 1 and 2 (1.99) (Michael Legart)	
	- Send status code 500 on errors, 404 on file not found and
	  make IE show our own errorpage. (Thomas L. Kjeldsen)
	- Bugfix for directories named "0" (Andreas Plesner Jacobsen)
	- Added "selection mode". Select images with checkboxes and
	  get a list of filenames. (Peter Andreasen)
	- Fix to let the module work with perl 5.005 (Aaron)
	- Do not allow scaling pictures to sizes above their
	  original size (Aaron)
	- Added GalleryUseFileDate option to make A::G show
	  the files timestamps instead of using the EXIF value (Dennis Haney)
	- Remember display size when turning Slideshow off (Hans Joergensen)
	- Nice new layout (Thomas Kjaer)
	- New option GalleryEXIFMode to control the way EXIF
	  info is displayed. See docs for details (Michael Legart)
	- Support for the FNumber EXIF value (Thomas Corell)
	- Added GalleryRootText option to allow changing the name of
	  the root element in the menu (Christopher Knight)
	- Use Image::Imlib2 instead of Inline::C (Andreas Plenser Jacobsen)
	- New option GalleryMaxThumbnailsPerPage to limit the number
	  of thumbnails displayed per page. Disabled by default
	  and requires templates update. (Michael Legart)
	- Bugfix for the GalleryThumbnailSize option. Both height and
	  width max sizes are now obeyed. (David Gee)

Since we are going to depend on Image::Imlib2 which uses XS for
the binding to Imlib2 we can now ship binary distributions. 

I'm not sure if Image::Imlib2 exists as rpm/deb/*bsdport etc?

Thank you for your time,

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