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[ApacheGallery] (unofficial) Inline-free version of A::G available for test


Since most of the problems with A::G seems to stem from Inline-code, and
since Leon Brocard has taken up the challenge of creating a
Image::Imlib2-module for perl, I've tried to create a version of A::G
that uses Image::Imlib2.

This has not been blessed by Michael (yet) and is thus *NOT* an official
release. It is available at

Unfortunately Image::Imlib2 (0.12) does not currently compile, but this
patch should remedy it:

I'm not that well versed in XS-world, so it may or may not be The Right
Fix<tm> but at least it compiles until Leon releases a new version :)

Please report any problems with the new code directly to me and not to
the list.

Andreas Plesner Jacobsen | If it's not in the computer, it doesn't exist.
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