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[ApacheGallery] Images crashing A::G

I have posted a few months back about my problem; I still have no

Any image that I take with my digital camera HP Photosmart C200 (and some
other JPGs as well that were not taken with my camera); when I put the
JPGs in an ApacheGallery directory, for some reason the JPEG decoder (or
some program that A::G calls) crashes when attempting to load the web
page of that directory.

(note, there could be other files in that dir that load ok, but once I put
one of these 'tainted' JPGs in there, the browser cannot load the
directory anymore; once the tainted JPG is removed, everything is ok

My error log shows
[Fri Aug 29 11:45:27 2003] [notice] child pid 1106 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

The process # appears to be that of httpd

and the web browser just says "This page cannot be displayed".

A workaround which I have been doing was to use the 'djpeg' program to
decompress the JPG file and recompress it using 'cjpeg'.  It appears once
its recompressed A::G will correctly read the JPG file.  Seems like its a
particular method of JPG compression that it doesn't like.

I am running:
A::G 0.70  (this has been a problem with even back to the 0.5x versions)

RH 7.2
Kernel 2.4.22


on a Pentium-133 with 96MB RAM

Does anyone have any ideas on
a) How to fix this problem
b) what module (if any) within http may be crashing? (so I can do further testing)
c) why there is a segfault and what's different about the JPG compression

I have in the past attached a JPG file that my system "doesn't like" but
for some reason, they seem to work on other people's systems; but I'll be
happy to send an example image that crashes my A::G again if someone
requests it (you can always look in the list archive for
sheratonworld2.jpg which is the file I previously sent)