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Re: [ApacheGallery] Running on Apache

> Please try to "rm -rf /tmp/lib", restart your Apache, reload the
> page where your image did not get resized and check the error
> log again.

At the moment i can see the index pages with the 100*75 thumbnails. If I
click a thumbnail the 640*480 picture is displayed, with the next and
previous thumbnails below it .I am missing the exif information, and I can
choose a bigger resolution but only 640*480 will be displayed.

The error logging is complaining that the files can't be find .cache dir. I
can see that all 100*75 and 640*480  files are in '/var/tmp/Apache-Gallery/
but ther is now .cache dir under the Documentroot. I am running Apache
2.0.40-21.3 and Apache::gallery 0.7rc1

        ServerName   gallery.predators.lan
        DocumentRoot /mnt/export/hdh/gallery/
        ErrorLog     logs/gallery-error_log
        TransferLog  logs/gallery-access_log
        PerlSetVar GalleryCacheDir '/var/tmp/Apache-Gallery/
        PerlSetVar   GalleryTemplateDir '/var/www/templates'
        PerlSetVar   GalleryInfo 'Picture Taken => DateTimeOriginal, Flash
=> Flash'
        PerlSetVar   GallerySizes '640 1024 1600 2272'
        PerlSetVar   GalleryThumbnailSize '100x75'
        PerlSetVar   GalleryCopyrightImage 'htdocs/c.png'
        PerlOptions +GlobalRequest
        <Location />
                SetHandler        modperl
                PerlResponseHandler       Apache::Gallery