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Re: [ApacheGallery] Building Apache 2, mod_perl 2, etc from RPMs

First get rid of your current copy of apache.

Then install the source rpms like so:

rpm -Uvh <somerpm>.src.rpm 

then modify the /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/<somerpm>.spec for that rpm with 
your preferred path.  (though, I think it's a bad idea to put things in 
places other than where the distro wants them, cause then you need to 
change the paths for EVERYTHING)

then run:

rpmbuild -bi <spmerpm>.spec


As far as which rpms you need, I believe the stock rpms on RH8 will meet 
your needs.  

My advice would be to not even both with installing source rpms and just 
install the stock redhat rpms as they are.  They might not put everything 
exactly where you want it.  (/var/www/ for web content, and 
/etc/httpd/conf for configuration data) but you'll thank yourself when you 
upgrade some package in 2 years.

On Mon, 30 Jun 2003, Daniel C. Mahoney wrote:

> Ok, I'm ready to admit the error of my ways in always building from 
> tarballs! 
> I'm running Redhat 8. I have apache2-2.0.46-5mdk.src.rpm and 
> apache2-2.0.46-5mdk.i586.rpm. My goal is to have Apache 2, mod_perl 2, PHP, 
> and SSL running, and to get apachegallery working. My past experience with 
> RPM installs has been "rpm --install <whatever>" and hoping that it worked. 
> I would welcome suggestions on which RPMs need to be installed and in what 
> order. Ideally, I'd like to end up with Apache living under 
> /usr/local/httpd. 
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