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Re: [ApacheGallery] previous code segment

On Mon, May 20, 2002 at 11:59:59AM -0400, Tom Allen wrote:
> Could be done, I'm looking at Image::Info::JPEG right now, and I could
> squeeze it in there, but really it seems to sort of go against the process
> of the Image::Info system, which seems geared at dropping out non-parsed
> type info.  Would it perhaps be better to just make an Image::Digicam::*
> set of modules that could be extended for each type of digital camera?  I
> don't know, I'm just asking.  Gisle Aas (Image::Info::JPEG) wouldn't
> happen to be on this list :)
> If we made the new module, we could set it up so that the fields you
> request always have the same name, so ISOSpeedRatings would always return
> ISOSpeedRatings, and not just on non-Canon cameras.  I'm not working right
> now, so I've got some time for a few days to write some stuff.

Didn't he have something in the code for olympus cameras, but just not
something for canon's?

> What do you think TE?

I think that sounds great, if you have the time to make the module go
for it!

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