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[ApacheGallery] Proposal for an admin site

Hello everyone,

I'm writing to propose an adminsite project, and to call for volunteers to
help with a clean, simple design. I'm willing to do the coding if you're
all willing to wait for me to have the spare time! :-)

I figure we should shoot for the following features to start, and shoot for
the moon with v2.

1) single password authentication in a .pl with an obfuscated name, or
maybe by loading the indexpage with a ?login=yes parameter.
2) Ability to change any image's rotation (of course this means creating
a .rotate file on the server.)
3) Ability to add/modify/delete an annotation to any image
(creating/modifying/deleting a .txt file)
4) Ability to upload an image to a directory.

Any other ideas?
Best regards,

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