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[ApacheGallery] treating hardlinked files efficiently?


what I'd like to have is a "virtual" directory tree that is browseable by
picture tags; so that, for example, the same image would be reachable at
"/transportation/sea/ship/Titanic-from-the-movie.jpg" and
"/movies/Hollywood/Titanic/Titanic-from-the-movie.jpg". (I don't have such
an image, this is just an example. :)

"transportation/sea/ship" and "movies/Hollywood/Titanic" are hierarchical

One pretty easy way of accomplishing this is to actually have the directory
structure associated with the tags and hardlink the pictures to all "tag"
directories they belong to.

This has the drawback that the cache directory will contain multiple copies
of the variously resized versions of a hardlinked picture (one for each path
it was accessed under).

Maybe the cache directory could be reorganized to store resized versions
based on the md5sum (or even just the inode number) of the original image?
This would do away with the redundancy.


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