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Re: [ApacheGallery] .THM files.

Ehh, I misread the original post.  Thinking they were uploading the RAWs
and not the jpeg.  Sorry bout that.

what about adding another section after this?  So it will check .thm
then .THM... not pretty, but easy (based on 296)

$tmpfilename =~ s/\.(\w+)$/.thm/;
if (-e $tmpfilename && -f $tmpfilename && -r $tmpfilename) {
    $imageinfo = image_info($tmpfilename);
    $imageinfo->{width} = $width;
    $imageinfo->{height} = $height;

+$tmpfilename =~ s/\.(\w+)$/.THM/;
+if (-e $tmpfilename && -f $tmpfilename && -r $tmpfilename) {
+    $imageinfo = image_info($tmpfilename);
+    $imageinfo->{width} = $width;
+    $imageinfo->{height} = $height;

Thomas Kjær wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 15, 2005 at 04:08:11PM -0500, Chris wrote:
>>Actaully, the .THM files are only for displaying the thumbnail on the
>>camera.  The settings are stored in the RAW to.  You can safely delete
>>the .THMs w/o any bad effects.
> Uhm, no.  That would be a stupid idea.  If you fx. convert the RAW-files
> with Photoshop, and store your file as a PSD, before saving to JPEG,
> Photoshop throws away the EXIF.  If you then still have the .THM-file,
> you can just upload that next to the JPEG, and A::G will read the EXIF
> from the .THM.
> And since the .THM-files doesn't really take up any place, why delete
> them?
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