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Re: [ApacheGallery] .THM files.

Actaully, the .THM files are only for displaying the thumbnail on the
camera.  The settings are stored in the RAW to.  You can safely delete
the .THMs w/o any bad effects.

Rene Joergensen wrote:
> Hi.
> When shooting in RAW, my 300D creates .CRW and .THM files.
> The .CRW is converted to .JPG in Photoshop and uploaded with the .THM in
> order to able to display ISO, Aperture etc.
> Unfortunatly A::G only looks for files named .thm, and therefore i need
> to either change the relevant code (and screw it up on each update) or
> rename .THM to .thm. 
> But when transfering files from the CF-card in linux all filenames are
> lowercase, so the solution isn't to make A::G look for .THM instead of
> .thm.
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