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[ApacheGallery] New Debian package: Conflicts Apache1.3 ?


Since Debian does not allow conditional dependencies [1], i am thinking about
doing the new package of Apache::Gallery incompatible with Apache1.3, so that
only can be installed with Apache2

Of course, it has its drawbacks, since there might be quite a wide Apache1.3

Another solution is to create a new package which contains: 

ApacheGallery common with the package itself, and depend on ApacheGallery1.3
or ApacheGallery2, which contain the dependencies for Apache1.3/2 and its
related dependencies.

I would like to have a bit of feedback before i actually finish the package.

[1] Conditional dependencies in the sense of:

Depends: Apache1.3 _OR_ Apache2
Cond-Depends: Apache1.3: libapache-mod-perl
Cond-Depends: Apache2: libapache2-mod-perl2

In the current implementation, it reads:

Depends: Apache1.3 _OR_ Apache2, libapache-mod-perl _OR_ libapache2-mod-perl2

so Apache2 and libapache-mod-perl do install together, but dont play nice.
Also, both v1 and v2 of mod perl can be installed in the same machine, which
makes a::g not work.

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