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RE: Re[2]: [ApacheGallery] (no subject)

>> > Here you go; I'm running Apache 1.3 and mod_perl 1:
>> > > ## Disabled for A::G
>> > #LoadModule autoindex_module modules/
>> >

>> >                PerlResponseHandler     Apache::Gallery
First,              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this is for Apache 2.0.x? for
1.3 must be PerlHandler (as far as i know)
i had such a problem once, the reason was in the permissions of the
GalleryCacheDir directory. And chmod'ding this directory to 777 saved me.
I experienced some strange behaviour of
imlib2 those days. It was like one picture is loading ok, but another
one doesn't load and imlib produces error about not having loaders.
Maybe this was the case when i had some cached file if GalleryCacheDir
before. Finally i removed _all_ the cached files, set perm to 777 for
the cache dir and now i'm happy.
I don't know if this is your case or not.
Another reason may be in poor version of imlib.
I have imlib2 from
and after that i installed Image::Imlib2 from cpan shell.
try to reinstall imlib with the latest version.
but i think most likely this is the permissions problem. Cache files
are written with the credits apache is running, so apache process must
have right to write to this dir. i think user and _group_ ownership
must be set, or dir to 777.
Thanks for the input. I changed PerlResponseHandler to PerlHandler and
restarted Apache which resulted with the same issue. My original working
configuration with A::G 0.7 had PerlResponseHandler in the httpd.conf.
Originally, my cache directory had 755 (apache.apache) permissions.
Changing it to 777 made no difference.
After upgrading from 0.7 to 0.8, I initially had the issue you explained
where most images worked and a couple did not. Updating the templates fixed
that issue.
I'm running out of options.  I think I will just go back to 0.7.


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