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[ApacheGallery] I have a problem: error! 404 !

Hi. I have fixed all, but I'm having an error! 404!

The page says it:

Error! 404!

No such file or directory: /gallery


I don't what happen, because a place images on /gallery.

Now, this is my httpd.conf:
<Location /gallery>
AllowOverride All
SetHandler modperl
PerlResponseHandler Apache::Gallery
PerlOptions +GlobalRequest
PerlSetVar GalleryTemplateDir
PerlSetVar GalleryCopyrightImage
PerlSetVar GalleryInfo 'Picture Taken => DateTimeOriginal, Flash =>
Flash, Shut$PerlSetVar GallerySortBy mtime

The 404 error page have this source:

        <title>Error! 404!</title>
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="/gallery.css">

<table align="center" class="info">

      <h1>Error! 404!</h1>
      <p>No such file or directory: /gallery</p>
      <p><a clas="nav" href="javascript:history.go(-1)">Back</a>


Thanks, and sorry... :)
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