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[ApacheGallery] Mozilla Firefox adblocker vs. A::G

Hello there...

After having one of these "Your gallery-site is broken. Fix
it!"-experiences i noticed a somewhat widespread point of irritation
in FireFox.
It's a extension called adblock[1] combined with users who uncritical
pastes adblock-rules from others.
In particulary i have noticed that /\D\d{2,3}x\d{2,3}\D/  is very used
on those predefined lists, that are ment to be simply cut'n pasted
into peoples FireFox.
The "evil" line is:

Though this is not changeable by the A::G-developers or people who
uses A::G it my be of interest to the later, when people complain :)


Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards
Henrik Bøgh
Don't just accept the truth - be a part of it, live it and exploit it
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