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[ApacheGallery] ANNOUNCE: Apache:Gallery 0.9 released


I have just released Apache::Gallery 0.9. This is a bugfix release.

	- Handle .thm for all filetypes and not just tiff, gif and png
		(Michael Legart)
	- Make GallerySortBy work for directories (Michael Legart)
	- Make GalleryDirSortBy override GallerySortBy for directories
	  (Andreas Plesner)
	- Report 404 for HEAD requests to non-existing files or directories
	  (Michael Legart)
	- Scale images when they are requested from the cache instead of
	  before the index is displayed. (Michael Legart)
	- Sort pictures the same way when viewing images as when viewing
	  directories (Andreas Plesner)
	- Make the "back" link on the error page work in IE (Michael Legart)
	- Fixed the TITLE tag for folder comments (Ondra Kudlik)
	- New option GalleryUnderscoresToSpaces to convert underscores to
	  spaces in the listing of directories. (Ondra Kudlik)
	- Bugfix for when running outside a virtual host (Jeffrey Hartmann)
	- Support Apache2 on FreeBSD (Jesper Dalberg)
	- Avoid false 404 errors when running under mod_perl 2 (Tom Brown)

Get it while it's hot:

(It will hit CPAN soon as well)


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