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[ApacheGallery] problems with A::G and mod_perl

Apache::Gallery was working fine on my box until recently.

Now, I have the following error message in my mogs:
Can't locate Apache/ in @INC

Apparently, this module was present in mdk 10.0 mod_perl 2 package, which was 1.99.11, but is no more present in mdk cooker package, which is 1.99.16. However, checking original sources from shows it isn't present neither in .11 or .16 archive :/
So currently, the only available Apache::Server module available in mdk
is in mod_perl-common package, wich belongs to mod_perl 1, and its
installation cause other problems:
failed to resolve handler `Apache::Gallery': Can't locate object method
"boot" via package "mod_perl" at
line 6
BTW, mod_perl itself is working fine, according to the various test
scripts available.
So, is this a packaging problem in mdk ? A mod_perl 2 compatibility
problem in A::G ? Anything else ?
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