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Re[2]: [ApacheGallery] help with chached files needed!

hello Andreas,

Thursday, June 17, 2004, 3:05:11 PM, you wrote:

>> >>here!!  return MP2 ? Apache::DECLINED : Apache::Constants::DECLINED;
>> why there is DECLINED here? as far as i understand, cache_dir() dies

APJ> Because A::G rewrites the request and then declines, thus making Apache
APJ> serve the correct file itself.

>> if it cannot create thumbnails. So, if there is no thumbnail and it
>> cannot be created, script dies with an error. I think there is no
>> sense in DECLINED here. I wrote Apache::OK there
>> and Apache::Constants::OK. Messages from apache errorlog disappeared,
>> now it work as expected (by me,anyway).

APJ> Under which apache version?
i'm using 2.0.48, mod_perl 1.99. it works good with Apache::OK. At least you can
leave it for M2 safely, like this:
return MP2 ? Apache::OK : Apache::Constants::DECLINED;

APJ> In apache 1.x this would probably break a
APJ> lot of error handling in Apache.
this i can't tell at all, sorry.

actually this error messages _shoudn't_ be there, cause this file
intentionally doesn't exist and image intentionally is loaded from
another location, which is not even serveable by server. This is my
Anyway, thanks for the best gallery i ever used!

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