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[ApacheGallery] Wierd sorting problem

I took uploaded some shots today and A::G seems to be sorting wierd.
The first pic on the dir view should be the last pic... (according to any way of
sorting).  When I click on it, it says IMG 19 of 19 (yet its first on the
list).  I just wanted to see if anyone has run into this before.  If not, I'll
look into it later and let you all know then.

# $Author: mil $ $Rev: 256 $
# $Date: 2004-04-12 20:04:56 +0200 (Mon, 12 Apr 2004) $

PerlSetVar   GallerySortBy ctime
PerlSetVar   GalleryDirSortBy name
PerlSetVar   GalleryWrapNavigation 1

.htaccess in
PerlSetVar GalleryDirSortBy ctime


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