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Re: [ApacheGallery] Template problems

Daniel Nielsen wrote:
> I'm trying to make my own templates for a gallery.
> My problem is that I'm using a background image set within a CSS ID.
> The image is placed along with the .tpl files.
> I've tried different variations. I've even copied the image to the 
> /icons dir, and give a full url.
> #logo {
>         background-image: url('/corner-right-bg.png');

If you tell a HTTP client to fetch e.g. "/corner-right-bg.png" it will
look after it at http://servername.tld/corner-right-bg.png. The A::G
template files are usually not located in web-scope (where HTTP clients
can reach files), so placing the image there will not work.

Perhaps you have configured your web server to let A::G index the root
of your web site? In that case it will not work telling HTTP clients to
fetch an image at http://servername.tld/corner-right-bg.png as the web
server actually returns some html generated by A::G. You can verify this
simply by opening http://servername.tld/corner-right-bg.png in a

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