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Re: [ApacheGallery] .cache and jpegs problem

Tom Brown wrote:

I have looked into this but haven't created a patch. I believe the
problem has to do with where AG jumps into the apache request cycle.
It is currently a PerlHandler, which I think makes it a
PerlResponseHandler. It seems that when AG changes the file path here
In modperl 2 it is a PerlResponseHandler yes.

client and handle If-Modified-Since requests, which AG ignored last time
I checked. With a bit of encouragement I could try to make a patch as
a demonstration of what I mean but it is unlikely to be releasable.
Does it require many changes?

I am also interested in AG generating each .cache thumbnail image when
the image is requested because I sometimes directly link to a .cache
file and don't want to have to worry about going to index page to
generate the thumbnail. Thoughts?
This has now been implemented in r254,

still needs some work though, but it seems to work ok.

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