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[ApacheGallery] Trailing slash

So, I'm setting up a new box to replace my current server, which is on is 
death throes.  I start setting up A::G for my site, and it seems to be 
working, except for one problem.  The thumbnails don't generate when you hit 
a directory.  It only worked after I accessed an actual image.  So after 
poking around and finally looking around and finally RTFSing, I find the 

If your uri doesn't have the trailing slash on a directory, it builds the 
thumbnails in the parent directories cache, which are then not found by the 
correct URI, being one dir up.

I know have this fixed with a rewrite rule, but thought I'd post my little 
difficulty for the record :)  Maybe we could have the program try and deal 
with this itself?


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