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[ApacheGallery] Apache::Gallery 0.7 (r180) and RH9

I've just upgraded my box from RH7.2 to RH9.  In the process, 
Apache::Gallery broke (obviously), but my attempts to fix it have been 
less than entirely successful.

I've now got it working to the point of displaying the folder icons, and
generating some images.  However, most of the thumbnails don't display,
and my logs are filled with errors like:

==> /var/log/httpd/gallery-access_log <== - - [01/Sep/2003:23:22:03 -0700] "GET 
/pics/fall02/SCU/Dorm/Alameda/.cache/100x75-IMG_0464.JPG HTTP/1.1" 404 
11711 - - [01/Sep/2003:23:22:03 -0700] "GET 
/pics/fall02/SCU/Dorm/Alameda/.cache/100x75-IMG_0463.JPG HTTP/1.1" 404 
11711 - - [01/Sep/2003:23:22:03 -0700] "GET 
/pics/fall02/SCU/Dorm/Alameda/.cache/100x75-IMG_0465.JPG HTTP/1.1" 404 

==> /var/log/httpd/gallery-error_log <==
[Mon Sep 01 23:22:03 2003] [error] [client] File does not 
exist: /home/httpd/gallery/root/pics/fall02/SCU/Dorm/Alameda/.cache, 
[Mon Sep 01 23:22:03 2003] [error] [client] File does not 
exist: /home/httpd/gallery/root/pics/fall02/SCU/Dorm/Alameda/.cache, 

My site is up at: if you're curious to see the 
behavior I'm mentioning.

There are no other errors.  (Though occasionally my browser gets a strange 
apache error message in multiple languages about a script error when 
trying to view a full-sized picture in the gallery)

The relevant portions of my httpd.conf follow:

    DocumentRoot /home/httpd/gallery/root/
    ErrorLog logs/gallery-error_log
    TransferLog logs/gallery-access_log
    PerlSetVar GalleryTemplateDir '/home/httpd/gallery/templates'
    PerlSetVar   InlineDir '/home/httpd/gallery/Inline'
    PerlSetVar   GalleryInfo 'Picture Taken => DateTimeOriginal, Flash => 
Flash, Aperature => ApertureValue, Shutter Speed => ShutterSpeedValue, 
Exposure => ExposureTime, Focal Length => Focal Length'

    PerlSetVar   GallerySizes '640 800 1024 1600 2272'
    PerlSetVar   GalleryThumbnailSize '100x75'
    PerlOptions +GlobalRequest
    <Location />
        SetHandler        modperl
        PerlHandler       Apache::Gallery
    <Directory />
        AllowOverride       AuthConfig

Versions are:
Apache 2.0.40 3.0.0
CGI-FastTemplate 1.09
Inline 0.44
IO-String 1.02
Image-Size 2.992
Image-Info 1.12
perl 5.8.0

	Any ideas? Let me know if I can include anymore relevant



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