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[ApacheGallery] $EXIFVALUES in showpicture.tpl

I'm running the latest build r180, and for some reason in images
NOT containing EXIF information, when displaying, A::G displays the actual
text $EXIFVALUES in the html output code.   However, in images containing
EXIF information, the variable name is not displayed.

As a temporary fix, I commented out $EXIFVALUES from the showpicture.tpl
template; it seems to have no effect on images containing EXIF

So here are my questions.

a) what does the $EXIFVALUES variable actually show?  (the exif data is at
the bottom of the page in $PICTUREINFO)

b) Does this variable need to exist in the template?

c) If yes for (b), can the bug be fixed so that the name of the variable
does not show in the output HTML code?

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